12 Types Of People You Will Find In Every Office. Which One Are You?

Many of us spend the majority of our day in the office. Be it a small one or a big multinational company, we meet a lot of people on a daily basis and these people can make our life stressful or fun.

If you are a fan of the series ‘The Office’ you can probably see the characters from the show fitting into these roles. One thing is for sure, hate them or love them but you can’t ignore them. 

The Risk Taker – They face issues head-on without any intimidation. Their motto is simple. Move as fast as you can. Even if they fail, they will come out of it just like that.

The Nosey Neighbour  – You might have guessed their nature by now. Yes! They wish to know everything. From people who got appraisal to who left first from the office, this person just likes to know everyone else’s business.

The Fashionista – You might be comfortable in your casual dress or semi-formal attire. But there will be one person in the office who goes all out with their dress sense and always looks like they’ve just stepped off a catwalk. 

The Food Stealer – You might have kept your delicious peanut butter sandwich in the fridge but when you opened the fridge after some time it’s gone. There will be a guy who gets a kind of dark pleasure by stealing food or a girl who is just too lazy to make her own. 

The Good Friend- There will be someone who is friendly with everyone. He/She will always be helpful to others. Being with him/her will make you happy and they will be someone to whom you can always rely on or turn to. 

The Office Clown – There will be this person who always cracks dumb jokes thinking that he/she is the funniest person in the office. Sometimes his/her jokes will be so annoying that you will feel like running away. They are the type of person who still thinks they are in school and finds it fun to play pranks on their co-workers. 

The Messy One – Their desk will be the most cluttered place in the building, they will never throw their rubbish away and will leave food lying around. Sometimes in this situation an intervention is needed, for your own sanity. 

The Bosses Pet – This guy or girl is someone whom a lot of people resent. He/she can get away with murder because they are liked by the boss. They get special treatment and perks and really everyone else is just jealous. 

The Desk Drummer – There will always be some sort of metal head or raver, who loves to listen to music while working and will keep on drumming on the desk. This person can be frustrating to sit beside.

The Lone Ranger – These people likes to work alone and they are mostly focused and hardworking. They can sometimes be blunt in saying things and for the same reason people often mistake them as arrogant or judgmental. These people are highly driven individuals who don’t want to distract from their  work.

The Gossipers – These people will be solely responsible for all the unwanted rumors that spreads inside the company. They will be usually seen whispering to each other discussing about people.

The Secret Couple – These lovebirds think that they are secretive, but on the other hand their gestures are more than enough to make people understand that they are more than just close work pals.

By Vishnu Kumar