5 Clear Ways You Know It’s Time to Go Job Hunting

We spend a lot of our time at work, so we need to be happy when we’re there. The thing is, work is part of our routine. We get so used to it that we don’t always realise that it’s time to move on for pastures new in our career.  Not sure whether you should look for a new job? Here are five clear ways you can tell it’s time to make that move:

You dread Monday mornings

Of course, the weekend comes and goes too fast, but if the very thought of going back to work when the weekend is over makes you recoil with fright, it’s time to start looking for a new job. There’s nothing wrong with the odd work worry in your spare time, too, but if nothing but work has been on your mind the whole weekend, it’s time to browse the job listings. 

There’s no room for growth

A company should support your career growth, with training and/or opportunities for advancement. If it’s not allowing you to grow, the company itself should at least be growing. If none of these apply and you’re starting to think about whether you should stay at the company much longer, the answer is simple: ‘No.’ Staying will only hamper your long-term career progression.

You feel unappreciated

It’s important to feel appreciated at work. This is crucial for healthy working relationships. When you don’t feel valued, your work becomes unfulfilling. Neither of these feelings is especially nice. Does your work feel important? Do you feel respected? Is your work recognised? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’, it’s time to get out of there and find something you’ll be happier doing.

The work environment is toxic

No one likes to have a bad boss or make their living in a toxic workplace. They’re just not the right circumstances for you to do your best work. If you notice either of these things, start looking elsewhere. You can set a time frame for the situation to improve and if things are no better by the end of it, get searching for a new job. Consider the things you don’t like about your workplace so you know what you want to avoid in a new role. 

It’s affecting your health

Are you taking more sick days lately? Are you taking as much time off as you possibly can? Perhaps your spending so much time in the workplace, working so many extra hours, that you don’t get time to follow your passions. Everyone needs to rest at some point. If your job is affecting your wellbeing, it’s absolutely time to move on.

If you notice any of these signs, then the bottom line is, it’s time to make a change. It might be easier to stick with the job you have, but you’ll be so much happier (and possibly healthier) if you find a new job. Don’t hesitate. Start looking now.

By Peter Jenkins