5 Major Reasons You Need LinkedIn to Progress Your Career

There are no two ways about it: LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to further your career. Unlike Facebook, where people might share cat memes, jokes and other light-hearted content, LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. It’s serious business and anyone who wants to progress in their career should have a LinkedIn profile for the following five reasons.

You can build your personal brand

A website is a fabulous way to build your brand, but it takes time and money, too. LinkedIn is different. You can use it to market yourself quickly and at little, if any, financial cost. Start by uploading a professional-looking profile picture and writing a summary headline that tells recruiters or potential business contacts what you do. Highlight any skills that would make them want to hire you.

You can network

LinkedIn is a crucial networking tool. Whereas on Facebook you may choose to connect only with people you know personally, on LinkedIn it’s normal to connect with people you don’t. This gives you access to recruiters, senior personnel — such as company directors — and lots of other people in your industry who will be in the know and may wish to work with you. The platform’s opportunities for you to reach the right people is its true superpower.

You can make the most of the LinkedIn job board

LinkedIn has a superb job board that allows you to search for jobs and apply for them through the platform. It’s a terrific way to show a potential employer you’re moving with the times. You can also set your career interests option to ‘I’m interested’ so that recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities. Don’t worry if you’re unhappy in your current role and want to set your career interest to the option — it’s purposely discreet so that co-workers won’t see it.

You can enjoy major online outreach

LinkedIn’s online outreach potential is huge. When someone likes an article or post you’ve written and they engage with it, either with a Like or a Comment, the post becomes visible to the other people in the network. Third parties are willing to engage with posts in their feed even if they’re not connected on the platform to the creator. They may even invite you to connect if they enjoy the post. All of this is good for your reach on the platform.

You can follow industry news

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it allows you to follow news and events in your industry, whether that’s what’s happening in the world of your connections or in the world of the companies and organisations you follow. LinkedIn may be a platform for professionals, but it’s just as much fun as other social media in this regard.

LinkedIn is huge and to not have a profile is to miss out on a major tool that can carry your forward in your career. Create a profile so you can tap into the platform’s massive potential. Pay for the Premium version and you can make the most of the training resources, too, and build new skills which you can add to your profile.

By Peter Jenkins