5 Refreshing Things Prospective Employers Really Want to Hear at a Job Interview

When prospective employers invite you to an interview, they have several boxes they’re looking for you to tick. They may have interviewed several candidates and heard the same phrases in each interview — none of them being the ones they want to hear. Your interview is your golden opportunity to change that and convince them, by doing so, you’re the one for the job. Here are five phrases they want to hear from you:

‘Yes, I’ve researched about the company’

You may be job hunting, yes, but this is a sign that you’re not looking for any old job. Demonstrate what you know about the company and share insights with the interview. You’re not trying to blow them away with the depth of your knowledge, but what you are doing is showing that you have a genuine interest in the company and in the role.

‘I’m loyal’

Employers want to work with people they can trust. They don’t want someone who’s going to badmouth them or try to damage the reputation of the business. If you leave, they don’t want you to create a scene when you do. They want someone who will work their best for the company and promote it as much as they can. They might not expect you to stay there for the rest of your life, but they’ll welcome this reassurance that you’ll be committed and responsible for as long as they employ you.

‘I’m agreeable’

Recruiters look for people who can adapt to any situation and who are team players. They want someone who will get on the job without causing any trouble or triggering conflict with other employees. Stating you’re agreeable suggests you’ll avoid engaging in this negative kind of behaviour and also that you’ll respect authority within the company.

‘I’m excited about…’

To hear that someone is excited about something related to the company or the industry can resonate with interviewers. If they’ve whittled the shortlist down to just two candidates, sometimes it can come down to who seemed the most motivated in the interview(s). If you are going to be suggest how excited you are, be sure you know enough about the company, product, service or event to support the statement credibly.

‘I can take instructions’

A workplace is a busy place. Your boss won’t want to have to ask you to do the job twice. They’ll want it done at the first time of asking and they need to know they can communicate with you easily and that you’ll do what they tell you. It’s okay to ask for guidance on a task, but once you get it, you must complete the task.

Prospective employers are looking for certain attributes in employees. Using the statements above will really speak to them and assure them you’re the best person for the job (which you are). Take care to provide examples, if necessary, or have them ready so that you’ll remain credible during the interview.

By Peter Jenkins