How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Dream Job

Create a LinkedIn profile and you equip yourself with a powerful job-hunting tool. The platform gives you immense networking power and can really boost your job search. Want to work in finance? Get on LinkedIn. Want to work in marketing? Use LinkedIn. Want to work in something different? Set up a LinkedIn profile. Whatever your dream job is, using LinkedIn as part of your job hunt can make it happen for you. Here’s how to use LinkedIn and land that dream role:

Create a full profile

It’s important to provide as much information about yourself in your profile. Upload a professional-looking picture and fill out all the different details. Write a summary headline, which gives a snapshot of you as a professional and what you’ve achieved, and make sure you detail your career history.

Connect with people in the know

The LinkedIn search feature is simply awesome. Connect with relevant people in your industry, such as HR managers, recruitment consultants, company directors and experts in your field. Take advantage of the search feature to do this and see who’s out there. Connect with other experts in your field, too. All these people can provide you with valuable contacts.

Ask for recommendations

If you’ve worked for someone and the project has been a success, ask them for a recommendation. This is as good as a reference and it can attract anyone who is on the lookout for new employees. Only ask for recommendations from people you’ve worked with or know and who can vouch for you. This applies, too, if you provide recommendations for other people.

Transform your profile into your portfolio

A LinkedIn profile is a real opportunity to showcase your work and is more powerful than a standard CV when it comes to doing so. Attach documents, projects, links or presentations to your profile so that prospective employers can gain a better idea of your skills. This is much more effective than just talking about them.

Follow your favourite companies

Find the companies that you’d really like to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. This will help you to keep up to date on any opportunities there are at the company, not to mention company news in general. You never know when someone might test whether your interest in the company is genuine.

Be active on your profile

LinkedIn isn’t about sharing what you had for lunch or grumbling about the weather. It’s a place for quality content and is your big opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. Comment on events in your field or write a post that illustrates your knowledge. LinkedIn is generous with space, allowing you to really engage others with your content. Post regularly, but also take the time to comment on other’s posts and engage with people in your industry. The more active you are, the more chance you have to be seen — and be so by the right people.

LinkedIn is one of the finest tools you’ll ever have to land your dream job. You may have to invest a little time in it each day, but it will most certainly be worth it. Make the most of all its different features to really bolster your search and find the job you’ve always wanted.

By Peter Jenkins