Moving On

NicoleQuigley“The time has come my little friends to talk of other things…” The Walrus, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, 1951. Not a bad wee quote for my life at the moment, as it pains me to inform you all, that I am in fact, moving on from North-West News Group and North-West Jobs.

Despite being extremely content in my work and feeling extremely grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I’ve gained here, I feel its time for a new challenge, some new experiences, and most of all, it’s time to move out of my mum’s.

I’ve loved being back home, especially after being out for a few years. It’s been a very cushty arrangement, getting my washing done, coming home to delicious dinners and getting smothered with affection every few minutes. I love my parents, and I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done for me, which, I have to admit, is quite a lot. But if truth be told, I want my own space again, and I want a new adventure.

The good news is, I’m not leaving straight away, I’ll be around for a few more weeks so I have time to fully soak up as much lovlieness from my colleagues as I possibly can. I’m incredibly excited, as my new job looks set to be amazingly interesting and challenging, but if truth be told, I’m a little nervous about so much change happening all at once.

I’m moving to a new city, that I’ve always loved but never lived in before. Some of my favourite people live there, but not more than a handful, and I can’t expect them to hold my hand or babysit me. I’m moving into a house share, which I’ve done before, but that was when I was 18 and carefree and had very little fear, or sense or that matter. So although I’m sure my new housemates are all lovely, it can be daunting to put your faith in people you haven’t even met yet.

I have to make some new friends, and live with people I don’t know, and find my place in a new office, with lots of new people. Although I’m pretty sure that I’ll be ok once I’ve settled in, it feels a bit like the first day of school…what if the other kids don’t like me?

While all these insecurities are buzzing around my little brain, it’s important to take my own advice from previous blog entries and remind myself, that I’m fully capable, I’ll be completely fine, I can do it and I’ve nothing to be afraid of. The team I’m joining are great and seem incredibly friendly and welcoming, not to mention, it’s basically my dream job.

So it’s essential that I do not spoil my new adventure with fear, because while it’s natural to be a bit apprehensive, I have much more to be excited about, than I do to be afraid of. So here’s to a new beginning, and the exciting times ahead.