No Mayo Tuna Salad

Tuna salad or tuna sandwiches are a lunchbox staple. Tuna is a fantastic fish, rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3 & 6, which are good for your heart and your brain.

Not to mention tuna is tasty, inexpensive and goes with everything, so it makes the perfect lunch time morsel. However, it has one drawback, tuna can sometimes be a bit on the dry side. Normally the solution to this is copious amounts of mayonaise, with every sandwich shop in the country offering us mayonaise with a little tuna through it.

But what if you don’t like mayonaise? or you don’t want to eat it because you know that there are healthier options out there? How do you avoid a tuna based meal that resembles the sahara?

The answer? A few extra veg, some herbs, some seasoning, a little vinegar and a little olive oil. Mix the ingredients in the picture below together and either eat them as a salad or pop them in your favourite bread or bagel to make a delicious, mayo free sandwich.