Office Style: Questions To Ask Before Your First Day

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’. We’ve all heard those words uttered to us at some stage in our lives. From mothers straightening our school ties as we head out the door, to our careers teachers packing us off for our work experience and all the times in between.

It’s true though, we don’t, which is why you won’t want to face the embarrassment of arriving for your first day at work having made a wardrobe faux pas.

Here’s our top tips on what questions you should ask:

Is there a dress code?

It may seem an obvious question but a quick phone call to the HR department asking it will take a lot of the stresses of preparing for your first day out of the way.

Can you clarify that?

Every industry has its own jargon, we know that. The problem is that it has also found its way into the dress code of many offices. From “business smart” to “business casual” and even “dress down Friday”, you need to make sure you know exactly what is meant by each. Ask for examples of what is deemed acceptable.

Do I have a suitable wardrobe?

So you’ve heard the examples of what you can wear when. The question now is whether or not you have all the suitable attire? Do you need to invest in expanding your wardrobe a little?

Quality or Quantity?

You may feel that having looked through your range of suitable clothing, that you will need to add to it. This raises the potential issues of how much you spend and do you buy a larger range of cheaper items or fewer, more expensive items. The important thing here is not to go beyond your means with your spending and ultimately, do what you feel most comfortable with.

Do I Feel Comfortable?

Getting back to the whole idea of dressing for your first day, you now have all the information you need. Pick out an outfit that you know will fit with the office policy but make sure it is something that you feel comfortable in. Not just in how it looks, but in how it feels. Remember, the outfit is only part of the package.

You want to feel and look confident on the day and if you don’t feel comfortable in the outfit, then its going to affect your confidence. We would recommend that you try the outfit on at least the day before and look at yourself in the mirror, to make sure you feel comfortable with how it fits and looks.

Beyond that, if you are still unsure, look at how your colleagues dress and take your lead from them. Remember though, that you are an individual, so as long as you’re not going against the dress code, don’t be afraid to express your individual style.